Welcome to Lucky Lobster Art. A gorgeous selection of prints, stationery, tea towels and cards. All designs are created using traditional linocut methods in our Hertfordshire studio, fondly known as 'The Lobster Pot'.
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About me

Hello and welcome to Lucky Lobster Art. 
All of my designs are created using handcrafted linocut techniques. Each design starts life with a pencil drawing which is then transferred to my tactile piece of lino. I spend time carving and removing the parts of the design that I want to stay white. The printed design is the part of the lino which has been left behind.  Ink is then applied to the design and the print is created. Sometimes I may add watercolour or collage to the design to add colour or texture. 
All my designs are produced by hand in my Hertfordshire studio, which is commonly referred to as "The Lobster Pot!"
My love affair with linocut started after receiving some shiny new linocut tools and a piece of lino for my birthday. I became hooked on this amazing print making method. My first design was the "You are my Lobster" print created for my husband; hence the name "Lucky Lobster Art!"
All of my designs are printed using high quality watercolour paper and everything is produced in the UK. The picture frames are produced in West Yorkshire and the tea towels are manufactured in East Anglia.I hope you enjoy looking at my products.
Have a lovely day "You Lucky Lobster!".  
I was lucky enough to meet Kirsty Allsopp In September and I was delighted to see Cath Kidson showing her new Lucky Lobster Art Tea towel to the audience during the Handmade Fair at Hampton Court on the main stage. 
Lucky Lobster Art also attends many trade shows including, Pulse and Top Drawer.